BMW 3 series 330

BMW 3 Series 330 Case Study

A vehicle was booked in with us after the customer had already tried quite a few garages, the customer was recommended to try us and wasn’t aware of our expertise and extensive equipment we have on site.

We diagnosed the fault as the number 2 injector was not working; we scoped injector 2 and found no activation. 

Following this we then tested the resistance in the sensor which was ok and within the limit, we checked for supply voltage from the junction box which showed 12 volts present. We also checked for signal voltage from the ECU to the injector 2 and nothing was present. This prompted us to look at the wiring, and to remove the plenum chamber from under the bonnet to gain access to the engine ECU in order to be able to test this.
We then carried out a load test on the wiring ruling out any higher resistance or open circuit in wiring. This showed as ok. 

On further inspection we found the terminal at the engine ECU connector had a bad connection, we removed terminal out of the connector of the engine ECU and repaired the bad connection. Once this was carried out we were then able to test for a supply signal voltage which was all present. The repairs were completed, the car was test drove and it was then ready for the customer to drive away.

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