Help Your Car Pass The MOT First Time – The TOP Tips Five Star Autocentre Checklist.

Car MOT Checklist

Five Star Autocentre MOT Checklist

Five Star Autocentre Huddersfield is an award-winning garage that has over 40 years of combined automotive staff experience. Serving Huddersfield and the surrounding areas, our approach to our customers is the number one priority. With this in mind, we thought we could give more help by giving our Top Tips on getting your vehicle through its MOT first time.

By taking the time to do a few simple checks, this could save you time and money.

Can you really help your vehicle pass its MOT first time?

You’d be surprised at how many vehicles in the UK fail an MOT test on some of the smallest things. Your car or van could fail a test for not having enough washer liquid in your screenwash bottle or a faulty bulb. By using Five Star Auto’s MOT checklist, you have a much better chance of your vehicle passing the first time. Simply follow this list and we’ll guide you through the process.

1 – Front Lighting

When checking your headlamps, make sure they are working correctly. They should be clean and free from damage. Check your indicators are both working and the hazard warning lights are operating correctly. If a bulb is required and difficult for you to fit, give us a call as we are here to help.

2 – Rear Lights

Checking the rear lights is where you will need the help of a friend or assistant.

Press the brake pedal to make sure all lights work including a high-level strip if fitted. The next lights to check are the hazard warning lights and indicators. They should all be working correctly.

3 – Registration plates

Both plates must meet the legal requirement for the spacing between letters and numbers. If you have cherished number plates, ensure they are compliant with current legislation.

Number plates should also be washed and cleaned with soapy water and dried with a cloth to ensure they’re readable.

4 – Road Wheels and Tyres

Take a look at your wheels for damage and make sure they are in good order.

Check your tyres next. The minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm. If a tyre is below this across the centre ¾ of the tread width (around the entire circumference) it is an automatic fail. If your tyres are not up to legal requirements, we can always provide you with great deals on tyres here at Five Star Autocentre.

5 – Seatbelts and Seats

All seatbelts must be able to retract and move freely. Look out for any damage and make sure the latch mechanism locks and unlocks when required. The driver’s seat should move smoothly back and forth with the seat locking into position when needed.

6 – Windscreen

When it comes to your windscreen you’ll need a good view of the road. A damaged windscreen is potentially dangerous and it’s important yours meet the guidelines.

If your windscreen has damage in excess of 10mm (in diameter) within the driver’s line of sight it becomes a fail. Next look at the area swept by your wiper blades. If you have damage larger than 40mm (in diameter) then this will also be a fail.

If you think you have a failure on your windscreen, give your insurance company a ring. It may include windscreen cover on your policy.

7 – Screen Cleaning – Wipers and Washers

As I mentioned earlier, you might be surprised to hear that many vehicles fail their MOT due to low screenwash. Make sure your bottle is topped up with plenty of fluid so that it can be deposited when required during the test.

Ensure your wiper blades are of good condition. Check for tears or splits as these can fail your MOT. Your wiper blades must be able to clean the screen to give you a clear view.

Found an issue with your blades? If you do need new wiper blades we’re bound to have them in stock.

8 – Horn

It’s important that your horn works correctly and you’re able to alert other road users to potential hazards. Make sure you have the standard horn and not any of the musical horns, sirens and twin tone horns. These will automatically fail your MOT test.

9 – Fuel and Oil Level

When completing an MOT test, our technician will need to start your vehicle and run the engine. Please make sure your vehicle is filled to the correct oil level. If you are unsure of how to check this then take a look in your owners manual for your vehicle.

Fuel in your vehicle prior to the MOT test is important. We run the engine and need enough to complete the test. Although we’re big strong chaps we’d prefer to drive your vehicle off the ramp rather than push it 🙂

10 – Dashboard Warning Lights

Your vehicle displays many warning lights on your dashboard. They normally illuminate then extinguish on starting your vehicle.

If there are any in the display that constantly illuminate such as the vehicles engine management, safety restraint, ABS or tyre pressure monitoring systems, let us know straight away.

We are here to help

So you’ve worked your way through the Five Star Autocentre MOT checklist. This will definitely improve the chances of your vehicle passing its MOT the first time.

If you’ve found a fault or two along the way that isn’t a quick DIY fix, our team at Five Star Autocentre will be happy to help. If you would like to book an MOT just give us a call today.

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