Seat Ibiza

Car Servicing and Repair in Huddersfield

A customer with a 2013 Seat Ibiza with 48,000 miles came into us with a complaint of having to top up her engine oil every three weeks with 3.5 litres of oil.

First of all we monitored the customers driving conditions and we were able to confirm that the oil usage was excessive. After we had clarified the fault we were then able to confirm the manufactures TPI (technical product information) was applicable to this vehicle. Seat advised it should be using 0.5 litres to every 621 miles, where as our customer was covering in excess of 800 miles to 3.5 litres therefore confirming a fault with the piston rings. 

Following the TPI we then began to replace the piston rings and pistons alongside the necessary parts as listed in the TPI. After successfully carrying out the repairs the final item that was required was an engine software update (similar to an iPhone update) which is carried out with a dealer tool called ‘Odis’. This allowed us to finalise the job and complete all the repairs that were necessary.
Finally we test drove the vehicle to ensure the repairs had worked effectively and returned the vehicle back to the satisfied customer. 

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