When Should A Timing Belt Be Replaced?

Timing belt replacement in Huddersfield

When Should A Timing Belt Be Replaced?

As the name suggests, the timing belt has a role related to timing, and it is used to ensure that valves open and close with respect to the movement of your pistons. This is one of the most costly maintenance services that motorists face and the recommended replacement time for timing belts is between 60,000 and 106,000 miles. There are times when timing belts can lost well beyond the average time but once your timing belt has reached this stage, you should look to have it tested on a regular basis.

After all, the average length of time suggests that some timing belts will last for a long time and some may stop working unexpectedly.  This is why there is an argument for having the condition of the belt tested on a regular basis. There are a number of factors that can impact on the condition of your timing belt including a faulty tension setting, the belt hardware being faulty, leaking water pumps and the leaking of engine oil onto the timing belt.

Testing the timing belt is a simple process and any reliable mechanic will be able to carry out this test for you quickly and simply. When it comes to having your timing belt tested in Huddersfield, you should contact Five Star Autocentre, who have plenty of experience and the right equipment for checking timing belts.

Your car engine impacts on your timing belt

There are two main car engine types, interference and non-interference and if you have an interference engine and your timing belt breaks while you are on the move, you may find that your engine suffers a great deal of damage. In a non-interference engine, your car will stall but the overall level of damage inflicted on the engine will be much less.

One of the most common reasons to replace a timing belt comes with the belt having stretched. A delayed timing belt means that the timing mechanism of your vehicle becomes delated and this may lead to a lack of power and you can notice a slower rate of pick-up. There may also be a rattling noise from the area of your car where your timing belt is located. The cost of replacing a timing belt is linked to the type of engine and many experts recommend changing your water pump, timing belt tensioner and all related hardware at the same time.

If you are looking for the most reliable and best value for money timing belt services, be sure to contact Five Star Autocentre. This is the firm that many Huddersfield motorists rely on and when it comes to improving the condition of your car, this is the firm to trust.
With the right tools and experience, changing a timing belt isn’t a difficult project, and it is something that can be easily undertaken. However, without experience and the right tools, it can be a difficult challenge with the potential for further problems if the installation isn’t carried out in the right manner.

This is why if you need a timing belt test or change in Huddersfield, you should contact Five Star Autocentre.

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