When Should My Drive Belt Be Replaced?

Car Drive Belt repair and replacement in Huddersfield

When Should My Drive Belt Be Replaced?

You’ll find that your engine is assisted by a number of mechanical accessories. This will include a water pump, an alternator, a power steering pump and air conditioner compressor, with all of these separate components being driven by the drive belt. The drive belt is driven by a pulley that has been attached to the crankshaft of the engine and you’ll find that some cars have two drive belts. Cars with one drive belt are often referred to as having a serpentine belt.

The drive belt is made from a rubber-based material and it is highly durable. In most cars, the drive belt is commonly replaced between 40,000 and 70,000 miles but it is not uncommon for a drive belt to last for more than 100,000 miles.

Your drive belt is affected by many issues

Some things which will wear a drive belt include oil leaks, dirt from the road, excessive heat and eater. The underside of the engine has a protective shield, but if this is broken, exposing your belt to more external conditions, it is likely that the belt will wear out sooner. Over time, a worn belt will break, so you want to ensure that your drive belt is tested on a regular basis.

If your drive belt breaks, you will not be able to drive your car. This is because without the water pump working, you’ll find that your engine will overheat. Another problem will come from the fact that cars that have hydraulic power steering will not have access to the steering assist. There will also be a problem in the fact that the alternator will no longer offer electric power.

Your drive belt may show signs of wear and tear

The most common things that an experienced mechanic will look for when it comes to your drive belt is signs of wear. This may mean cracks, cuts or missing chunks and you should find that wear and tear on your drive belt is easy to spot. If your belt has been stretched it should also be replaced and if your drive belt makes strange noises, such as squeaking or chirping sounds, you should look to have it replaced. Some motorists will also change their drive belt prior to undertaking a long road trip.

For a drive belt to be effective; it must be under proper tension and older cars have to have this adjusted manually. If you are located in or around Huddersfield and you want to ensure that your drive belt is in good condition, take your vehicle to the best local mechanic for a test. Five Star Autocentre is well regarded for the standard of services it offers and the garage has helped to ensure that many motorists have a drive belt in good working order.

Without a drive belt, you can’t run your car, so it makes sense to ensure that this component of your car is in good working order. The peace of mind and confidence that comes from caring for your car will help you to save money and feel safe on the road.

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