Why correct wheel alignment saves money and makes driving safer.

Car wheel alignment and geometry in Huddersfield

Five Star Autocentre has been looking after motorists in and around Huddersfield for over 40 years. We’re always keen to give great value so with this in mind, we thought we’d put pen to paper so that you can understand the benefits of having correct wheel alignment on your vehicle.

If your tyres appear to be wearing down too quickly, it could be because your wheels are out of alignment.

Cars, as we are all aware, are becoming increasingly complex, but however sophisticated the engine, the design and the onboard computers are, the fact is that your vehicle won’t work as well as it should if the wheels don’t all point in the same direction.

The causes of wheel misalignment are many and varied. They include worn suspension parts or adjustments that are incorrect, but the most common cause is the rigour of everyday driving.

This is further exacerbated when you drive over potholes or clip the kerb with your wheels.

The joints and bushes in the suspension slowly wear out, this means that the alignment is not being correctly maintained. As the steering and the springs deteriorate gradually, the wheel alignment is also thrown out further. This can happen within 12 to 18 months, and in that time, it’s too easy for any handling problems and excessive tyre wear to become very firmly established.

Symptoms of misaligned tyres

The most obvious symptom of misaligned wheels is the way a tyre wears on certain areas, particularly on either the inside or the outside edge. If any wear cannot be noticed, just run your hands around the tyre and feel if there are any worn areas. Take care when doing this because if a tyre is severely worn the internal wire can become exposed.

Another symptom to watch out for is when your car starts to drift to left or right even when you are driving on a straight, even road. You will be aware of this if you find yourself having to compensate while steering or the car pulls in one or other direction while braking. It may also be apparent if your steering wheel is not properly straight.

Save on fuel

In addition to saving on having to repair and replace tyres, there is a significant fuel economy benefit associated with correct wheel alignment.

It has been estimated that those vehicles with bad wheel alignment can suffer a decrease in fuel efficiency by as much as 7%.

For a motorist who drives 15,000 miles a year, obtaining an average 51 miles per gallon at £1.15 per litre (£5.27 per gallon), proper wheel alignment adds nearly £110 in annual fuel cost savings.

When should wheel alignment be checked?

The majority of manufacturers do not set a schedule for wheel alignment, but here at Five Star Autocentre, we recommend this is checked out every 6 – 12 months by one of our skilled technicians. Or whenever you have a new tyre or set of tyres installed.

Correct wheel alignment will reduce tyre wear, meaning you will be less susceptible to blow-outs and won’t have to replace the tyres too often. You will not suffer the handling, accelerating and braking problems that go with misaligned wheels. And you will find the fuel efficiency of your car improves saving you money at the pumps.

0At Five Star Autocentre we have the very latest technology to ensure that your wheel alignment is correct. Ensuring your wheels are properly aligned means you will have a safer car, which is a lot cheaper to run – and who doesn’t want that?

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