Audi Q7 3.0 S line

Audi Q7 3.0 S Line Case Study

Customer’s complaint was oil leaking from underneath engine onto his driveway for a few months now.

Images and videos show

  • Vehicle being prepared for engine removal disconnecting vehicle harness for engine removal
  • Removal of wheel to remove suspension strut so the sub frame could be lowered
  • Engine Removed from vehicle
  • Empty space in engine bay area underneath bonnet and tunnel where gear box is located underneath
  • With engine now removed we now need to commence on removing further parts from the vehicle. Removal of injector harness engine mountings sub frame and cam covers
  • With cam cover removed we can see the vehicle has had a oil leak for some while. We traced the oil leak to 3 main areas.
  • Gearbox had to be removed so we could gain access to the timing cover area.
  • We now commenced on removing the timing cover to gain access to the timing chains assembly.
  • With the timing cover removed we started the preparation of cleaning the engine parts ready to apply RTV silicone . This only gave us a 5 minute window gap to make sure the silicone was applied in a timely manner to allow us to apply the timing cover and to torque the bolts. It was crucial for the silicone not to set before the bolts were torqued up to manufacturers specifications.

With discs and pads were added. Transmission oil changed and a full service carried out. Lastly a wheel digital alignment carried out carried out. No problems reported on the test drive.

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