Tips on passing your MOT test

Tips on passing your car MOT

MOT Tips

Tips on passing your MOT test

Check your front and rear lights along with your dipped lights, headlights, indicators and high beam. You can be pulled over if you’re lights are faulty – and you could face prosecution if the problem’s not sorted within fourteen days.

The legal limit for your tyre tread is 1.6mm. You can do a simple test with a 20p coin to see if they need replacing. Put the coin into the tyre groove and if you can see the outer rim of the coin you’re going to fail. Note your spare tyre is not part of the MOT test.

Have a look at your windscreen for any chips or cracks, as they can result in a fail. These should be free to fix if you’re insurance cover is fully comprehensive.

Check the state of your wipers and the washers. Worn wipers and blocked washers will be a fail.

A missing Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) where fitted when new will result in a failure. Check also for any black smoke coming from the exhaust pipe as well.

Make sure your suspension is working properly by applying your weight onto every corner of your vehicle. If all is in order, the chassis will bounce back into position straight away. If not, get it looked at.

Search around your vehicle for damage on the chassis. Corrosion within twelve inches of a vital structural part is not allowed.

You can easily fail for worn brake pads and pedals so check that isn’t too worn away too.

Your fluid levels under the bonnet are easy to fail on but even easier to check before you even start the engine. Ensure healthy levels of brake fluid, screen wash and oil.

Carry general safety checks before going for a MoT. Test the seatbelts lock securely, same with your doors. Check the horn works and make sure your mirrors are all intact. Your vehicle ID should be displayed on windows and your number plate should be clearly visible – don’t risk failing because of some dirt that could be easily washed off.