What is tested in an MOT?

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MOT - What is tested?

What is tested in an MOT?

While most motorists are aware that a MOT is essential when looking after their vehicle, they may not know what the MOT consists of. At Five Star Autocentre, we are more than happy to talk you through the entire process and ensure you are fully informed of what your car is being properly looked after. Our highly experienced team have ensured that many cars have been rigorously tested, ensuring our clients can be confident about the condition of their vehicle.

The most effective MOT in Huddersfield consists of:

We ensure that your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is clearly seen on your car.

We will ensure that your registration place is secure, legible, in good condition and that the format of the numbers and letters on your plate comply with all standards.

We check the colour, security, operation and condition of your lights and this test will also ensure that the aim of your headlamp is correct.

A vital component of the MOT is ensuring that the steering and the suspension elements of your vehicle are in good condition and that they perform in the expected manner.

Our MOT test will ensure that your window wipers and washers are operating effectively, ensuring that you maintain a safe view of the road when driving. We will also ensure that your washer bottle is in good condition.

At Five Star Centre, we will check the condition of your windscreen and the view that the driver has of the road. We will also ensure that there are no cracks or chips which may impact on the line of sight of the driver.

The MOT contains a test of the horn to ensure that it operates in an effective manner and that your horn is of the correct standard and type.

We aim to ensure that all of your seatbelts, including the seatbelts in the rear of the vehicle, will be tested to ensure that they are secure, operating effectively, are in good condition and are the correct type for your vehicle. The test also ensures that you have the requisite seatbelts in place in your car.

The MOT contains a check to ensure that the front seats of your car are secure.

Your car’s fuel system will be examined for any leaks and your fuel cap will be checked to ensure that it can be fastened and sealed securely.

An important part of the MOT examines emissions from your exhaust, making sure that your car complies with the guidelines and that your exhaust is secure, is silenced effectively, doesn’t emit any leaks and is complete.

Your MOT will contain a test of the body shell and structure of your car, and we will pay particular attention to any damage or corrosion that may have taken place. It is important to be aware that a sharp edge on your car can result in your car failing its MOT.

The MOT will ensure that the doors of your cars open and close in the correct manner and that your latch is secure when placed into the closed position. The front door will be checked that it can open from the inside and outside while rear doors are also tested with respect to providing access to the seatbelts in the rear of your car.

The MOT will also check:

  • Mirrors
  • Wheels
  • Tyres
  • Brakes

At Five Star Autocentre, we are here to ensure that you receive the best quality MOT in Huddersfield at all times.