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Winter car safety check

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With the bad weather that comes along with winter, driving conditions can become quite dangerous very quickly. Ensure you car is winter ready with a free winter car health check from FiveStar Autocentre.

Carried out by our expert technicians at FiveStar Autocentre, Huddersfield’s award winning vehicle auto centre, we will perform over 25 checks on your car to ensure you are all set for what the winter weather may bring.

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Free Winter Car Health Check at Five Star Autocentre
Free Winter Car Health Check at Five Star Autocentre

What will we check?

Tyres checked

Worn tyres can increase your braking distance and become dangerous. We will check your tyres overall condition, tread depth and tyre pressure to ensure they are safe for the roads. We will also check you spare tyre if you have one.

Internal car checks

Internally we will check your horn, air conditioning and your instruments to ensure all are working correctly.

Under your car

Our under car checks include brake pads and discs, brake hoses, steering and suspension, driveshafts, front pipe, centre silencer and rear silencer.

Under the bonnet

Under the bonnet we will perform a number of checks including brake fluid test, battery test, coolant test, engine oil level, fan belt and camshaft check.

Wiper blades and screen wash checked

We will check your wiper blades for splits and damage and check your screen wash system is functioning properly.

Car lights Checked

We will check all your lights, including brake lights, indicators, reverse lights, fog lights and headlights to ensure they are all working correctly and clearly visible.

Free Winter Car Health Check at Five Star Autocentre
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Open since 2010, Five Star Autocentre have built a reputation for high quality, affordable work, completed by our team of experienced technicians.

We are proud that we offer a 12,000 miles or 12 months guarantee for all parts and labour.