Air Conditioning

Looking for an Air Conditioning Service in Huddersfield? We provide comprehensive air con services at Five Star Autocentre.

Vehicle manufactures recommend that the vehicle air con is serviced every 2 years. This is not completed in a routine car service and so this can often be easily overlooked. Air Conditioning isn’t just for summer! Whilst air conditioning is often used during the summer month to keep you comfortable, it is also used during cold winter months to de-mist your windscreen.

What does an air conditioning service include?

  • Removing old gas
  • Vacuuming the system and checking for leaks
  • Adding oil and dye to the system
  • Adding new gas and then checking the temperature

A fully functioning system brings you many benefits

  • Ensure the correct temperatures are being reached
  • Reduces pollen and pollution entering your car
  • Saves you money over time
  • Reduces the amount of carbon in the atmosphere
  • Increases the life of your vehicle air conditioning system