Servicing, frequently asked questions

A. If your car is under warranty you do not have to take it back to the main dealer for servicing or repairs! Government legislation passed in 2003 known as “block exemption” means that an independent garage like Five Star can now carry out your servicing/repairs and the warranty is still protected. We will only use genuine parts of original equipment standard, which means all cars are repaired with approved parts. We will never substitute cheap alternatives. We will never use oil of a lesser quality than semi synthetic.

A. We only charge you for the parts and service you need! A car service/repair with us can save you up to 60% off of main dealer prices because you are not paying for a sales showroom or an apparently a “Free” collection & delivery service.

A. We have built a team of superstars. We believe our technicians are not “good” but they are “great”.  We are the only current fully approved RAC garage in Huddersfield. This has not been easy, as we have had to go through rigorous procedures.  We have won numerous local awards by the Examiner business awards beating off great competition. Most recently we have won the Yorkshire Car garage 2020 awards and featured in top end car magazines. We are currently rated as the number one best independent garage locally on the review website Trust Pilot. No repair work is carried out without your prior approval, one of our advisers Natalie or Laurie will contact you at every point to ensure that repair bills do not spiral out of control and you are aware of what is happening with your car.

A. Absolutely! All parts we supply and fit are of Original Specification quality – meaning they are just as long lasting as the parts fitted in your car when it was brand new out of the factory. Our master certified technician and owner Asif will examine your car and identify the best oil for your car to ensure optimum efficiency and engine health. For your convenience we stock both semi-synthetic and fully synthetic oils. Please note: If your car requires fully synthetic oil, there may be an additional charge for the upgrade. We will always inform you prior to doing any work if this is required.

A. We have built a team of superstars. We believe our technicians are not “good” but they are “great”.  We have total confidence in our entire team and the quality of the parts we use. We firmly believe in our processes and procedures. For your security and benefit we offer a full guarantee on all parts and work. (Guarantee is valid for either 12,000 miles or 12 months, whichever is soonest.)

A. Yes we can. For a hassle free, no obligation quote, please call us for details.

A.  Everyone is aware car servicing is good for their car. But they often think and ask the question what’s in it for me?

Here are our top three reasons why regular car servicing can benefit both your vehicle and save you time and money.

Save money on repairs

Regular servicing will uncover issues and problems before they become major defects. Our team is well known for spotting minor issues and resolving them there and then, ensuring you stay on the road, but also greatly reducing the cost involved with repairing your car. If an issue is allowed to develop, it can take longer to repair, and this can leave you paying a higher bill.

Higher resale value

Maintaining the value of your vehicle is vital when it comes to trading in your car or selling it. No matter how you get rid of your old car, you will want to obtain as much money for it as possible. A detailed on time service history is a great way to show the new potential buyer you have kept your car in excellent condition. We believe that the small amount of money you pay to have your car serviced regularly will provide you with a great benefit when the time comes to trade it in or sell your vehicle. You could also find you reach a higher resale value as a result.

More mileage and longer lifespan

One of the biggest costs that motorists have to contend with these days is fuel costs. However, did you know that having your car serviced on a regular basis is an ideal way to improve the performance of your car, boosting the fuel efficiency of your vehicle? Over the course of a year, your fuel savings will add up, more than justifying the cost of the servicing.

A. At Five Star Autocentre, we are pleased to offer three service options in an attempt to ensure all cars are cared for, regardless of age, condition or history. The Gold service is our most popular option with the motorists. This in depth service covers majority of the parts recommended for replacement.

We are proud to say that our range of services exceeds the recommendations made by the majority of manufacturers. To see what we offer, please see our checklist of what we provide in every service:

The regularity of your service is based on two factors. Firstly the recommendations made by the manufacturer and secondly your annual mileage. We would advise alternating between a Gold Service year 1 followed by a Silver Service year 2. The Bronze service is only advised for high mileage users every 6 months in between the Gold and Silver service.

At Five Star Autocentre, we aim to provide peace of mind at all times, so if you want to ensure you receive the best standard of car servicing in Huddersfield, come and speak to us today.