Which service does my car need?

At Five Star Autocentre, we are pleased to offer three service options in an attempt to ensure all cars are cared for, regardless of age, condition or history. The Gold service is our most popular option with the motorists. This in depth service covers majority of the parts recommended for replacement.

We are proud to say that our range of services exceeds the recommendations made by the majority of manufacturers. To see what we offer, please see our checklist of what we provide in every service:

The regularity of your service is based on two factors. Firstly the recommendations made by the manufacturer and secondly your annual mileage. We would advise alternating between a Gold Service year 1 followed by a Silver Service year 2. The Bronze service is only advised for high mileage users every 6 months in between the Gold and Silver service.

At Five Star Autocentre, we aim to provide peace of mind at all times, so if you want to ensure you receive the best standard of car servicing in Huddersfield, come and speak to us today.