Blog: Case Studies

A vehicle was booked in with us after the customer had already tried quite a few garages, the customer was

A customer with a 2013 Seat Ibiza with 48,000 miles came into us with a complaint of having to top

A customers Lexus is350 was recovered into us with a ‘non starter’ issue.  The vehicle was a high voltage hybrid.

A Volkswagen Tiguan was brought into us; the vehicle had an issue where it was vibrating when the car was

BMW presented for investigation of water leak into the cabin of the vehicle. Pictures show:  Blockage causing water to block

Customer mentioned car pulling to one side. Initial scan of the vehicle, with our new camera 4-wheel digital alignment machine technology, showed

Customer’s complaint was of lack of power and engine light being on. Images show

Customer’s complaint was oil leaking from underneath engine onto his driveway for a few months now. Images and videos show

Recovered into the garage as non-starter by the RAC. Initial inspection carried out showed poor compression on cylinder 3. Suspected

Recovered a Mercedes C220 D into the garage. It was non-starter. The steering wheel was engaged in a lock position

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