How Often Should My Brakes Be Serviced?

How Often Should My Brakes Be Serviced?

When it comes to the different components in your car, there are many important features but very few are as vital or as integral as your brakes. The majority of motorists understand that brakes should be replaced when they are worn down or worn out but when should brakes be serviced. The average lifespan for disc brakes is between 30,000 and 70,000 miles while drum brakes can last to around 150,000 miles.

In modern cars, there are disc brakes for all four wheels and when braking, the discs should be squeezed on both sides. There is a need for the brake pad to be able to move inside the caliper and the caliper itself needs to be able to move on its bracket. This means that brakes have to endure a lot of friction, heat and dust throughout the braking process and when vehicles drive in the rain, they may find themselves exposed to moisture. This is a combination that can lead to rust and will eventually see the brake pads sticking, which leads to them wearing out faster.

You need your brakes to be in good condition

Rear drum brakes can also be compromised in a similar vein, and you shouldn’t need reminded the dangers associated with faulty brakes or brakes that aren’t as effective as they should be. You should be looking to keep your brakes in as good a condition as possible, and this is why it makes sense to have your brakes serviced on a regular basis. When it comes to brake servicing in Huddersfield, you’ll find that Five Star Autocentre is the place to bring your car to.

We will ensure your brakes are fit for purpose

Given that brakes can only be inspected when your wheels are off, it makes sense to combine a brake inspection and service with having your wheels checked. We recommend having your brakes inspected on an annual basis and the typical brakes inspection revolved around testing the calipers, measuring the brake pads to determine the thickness of the material and ensuring that there is no build-up of dust or rust. We can clean the moving components of your brakes and provide lubrication for the components that need lubricated. When it comes to brake servicing, there is no set time as the level of service will depend on the condition of your brakes.


At Five Star Autocentre, we promise to clean and lubricate your brakes and will remove excessive build-ups of dust and rust. If your brake pads appear to be more than 50% worn out, it makes safety and financial sense to replace them now and we believe we provide the best value for money brakes in Huddersfield. With so many different factors impacting on the condition of your brakes, it is vital that you have serviced on a regular basis, perhaps annually, and at Five Star Autocentre, we will ensure your car is in good condition and fit for use on the road.

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