How Often Should Spark Plugs Be Replaced?

Spark plugs replaced in Huddersfield

How Often Should Spark Plugs Be Replaced?

There are so many different components and features in a car that have a vital role to play that it can be easy to overlook some of them. You may not spend a lot of time thinking about spark plugs but without them, your car won’t start because they provide the spark that ensures your engine starts. In maintaining the condition of your vehicle, you’ll find that spark plugs eventually need to be replaced.

This is because eventually, the tip and electrode, which create the spark will wear out and when the gap between these components increases, there is a need for a higher voltage to create the spark. This places additional strain on the components of your ignition system and this often leads to a failure in your ignition system.

Does your engine need time to start?

When it comes to recognising if your spark plugs need replaced, think about how long it takes for your engine to start. If your engine doesn’t start as quickly or as smoothly as it used to, you may need new spark plugs. There isn’t always a sign or indicator that spark plugs need replaced, but this is something to look out for.

Regular usage leads to wear and tear of your spark plugs but you may also find that your spark plugs just stop working. In this regard, it makes sense to have your spark plugs checked on a regular basis as it can save money but it can also significantly reduce the inconvenience you suffer in maintaining your car. If your car is having any issues with respect to driving, you’ll find that spark plugs are commonly checked, but there is no harm in being proactive when it comes to caring for your vehicle and spark plugs.

We are highly experienced when it comes to spark plugs

If you are looking for the best standard of spark plug testing in Huddersfield, Five Star Autocentre is the company to call on. We have considerable experience in testing a wide range of vehicle components and we know what to look for when it comes to spark plugs. Our experienced team can determine the condition of your spark plug in a short period of time, allowing you to receive the most effective support in caring for your car.

There are two main types of spark plugs, conventional spark plugs and long-life spark plugs.  Conventional spark plugs have an average life of 30,000 to 50,000 miles while long-life spark plugs usually last between 50,000 and 120,000 miles.


It is important to have your spark plugs replaced as a set and at Five Star Autocentre, we will replace all of your spark plugs in one sitting. This is an affordable option for most motorists and we believe it provides the best standard of confidence for all of our customers. The role of the spark plug in motoring can never be overlooked and if you want to stay on the road in a safe manner, call on Five Star Autocentre for the best spark plug services in Huddersfield.

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