How To Check Oil In Your Car

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How To Check Oil In Your Car

You may not spend a lot of time thinking about but the level of oil in your car will have a big impact on the condition of your engine. As you drive your vehicle, you’ll find that some of your oil is used up, leading to a drop in your oil level. As your oil level falls, the level of friction increases and this leads to your engine wearing out faster. This means that testing your oil levels and topping up when required will help to improve the lifespan and condition of your engine.

Oil checking steps

You start the process by turning the engine off and setting the handbrake. You should allow your engine to cool down and then when you open the hood you should look to find the dipstick. In many modern cars, the dipstick will have a yellow handle, and the words “Engine Oil” will be displayed on it.

You should pull the dipstick out and then place a towel or covering beneath the lower end of the dipstick as you don’t want oil to drip into the engine.
You should then wipe your dipstick, using a paper towel or a clean rag that is free of lint. You should then place the dipstick back into its tube and ensure it is fully seated.

After you have completed this, you should take the dipstick back out and then examine the oil level. The dipstick has two marks on it, one for a low level and one for a full level. The oil is likely to be between these marks.

If the oil looks clean and the oil level is at or close to the full marking, you can be confident that your oil is in good condition and it is safe to keep on driving. If the oil looks dirty, you should consider changing your oil in the near future. If your oil is dirty and is closer to the low marking, you should look to change your oil as quickly as possible. If your oil is low, you should look to top up the level as quickly as possible.

Topping up your oil level

You should use the same grade oil that is already in your engine and this is likely to be marked on the engine oil cap and in the owner’s manual. Common oil grades are:

  • 5W-20
  • 0W-20
  • 5W-30

If you would prefer to hire the services of a professional to test your oil and carry out any oil replacement work, it makes sense to call on experienced local professionals. If you are in or around Huddersfield, you should contact Five Auto Centre. This is the local mechanics that are trusted by many drivers in Huddersfield and carrying out an oil test and replacement service is a quick and simple professional task when you know what you are doing. Oil is vital in the safe running of your car, so make sure that your oil levels are at the recommended level.

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