Lexus is350

Car Servicing and Repair in Huddersfield

A customers Lexus is350 was recovered into us with a ‘non starter’ issue. 

The vehicle was a high voltage hybrid. We diagnosed the vehicle and traced the fault to a high voltage issue. This particular issue requires a certain specialist skill along with relevant training and experience to be able to isolate the high voltage. Our technicians are all trained to an extremely high level along with being certified to work on hybrids so this wasn’t a problem for us.

Our master technician was able to identify a leak in the roof spoiler; along with the fact the boot had damage from previous repairs which led to a water leak into the rear boot panel. These issues were causing the higher voltage battery and the fuse box to short circuit in result causing the non start issue. 

After referring to the Lexus manuals we were able to order the relevant parts to rectify the vehicle and cure the issue that the customer had previously raised. 

We carried out the repairs successfully, we water tested the vehicle again and test drove it and ensured that we had no further issues and the vehicle was in a working condition, and we were able to return the Lexus to our happy customer.

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