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Mercedes C220 D

Mercedes C220 D

MAY 2017

Recovered a Mercedes C220 D into the garage. It was non-starter. The steering wheel was engaged in a lock position with no instrument display on.

Carried out an initial diagnostic using Mercedes main dealer diagnostic software. The steering wheel does not disengage.

We traced the fault to an “electronic steering lock” being faulty. We removed the steering column from the vehicle in order to remove the lock.

Authorisation from the customer had to be obtained along with a copy of the V5 log book and passport ID before we could order the steering lock parts from the main dealer due to security metrics.

New parts arrived and the new steering now reassembled. The workshop key had to be inserted into the ignition to allow the data transfer to occur which takes approximately thirty minutes. After 30 minutes had elapsed, we inserted the master key into the key barrel to synchronise the ESL, Electronics steering Lock. All working fine now.

Lastly we plugged in the diagnostic machine to make sure we cleared down any fault codes that were logged. The car was taken for a test drive with no problems to report to the customer.  Problem Solved.