Avoid costly repair bills. Do not allow your car engine to overheat otherwise you will be left stuck at the side of the road awaiting for an RAC or AA recovery van.

One of the main issues that can cause an engine to overheat is if there is a problem with the coolant system, in particular if coolant fluid levels are low. Antifreeze and water make up the cooling mixture, which stops the engine from freezing in winter, and overheating in summer. As part of the Coolant/Antifreeze Change, Five Star will drain and refill your coolant, as well as safely disposing your old fluid. It is recommend a coolant change every two years to prolong the life of your car. The process on average takes one hour to complete.

Advantages of a coolant change
  • Keeps your car running smoothly
  • Avoid costly repair bills by prolonging the life of your car
  • Stop your engine from seizing up in extreme weather