What Car Services Can I Choose?

What Car Services Can I Choose?

There is a wide array of car services on offer, and knowing what is on offer can help you choose the most effective car services for your needs and budget. No matter what type of car servicing you need, if you are in Huddersfield, be sure to choose Five Star Autocentre for your entire car servicing needs.

Your filter prevents sand, dust and dirt from getting into your engine and keeping your filter clean helps to ensure your engine can operate effectively. You should be looking to have your air filter replaced every 20,000 to 30,000 miles or when it becomes dirty and impacts on the performance of your engine.

Cabin Filter Replacement

This is a service that impacts on the quality of the driving experience as opposed to the performance of your car. If you travel with youngsters or people who suffer from allergies, this can be a vital service. A cabin filter replacement is recommended for every 15,000 to 30,000 miles.

Rotating Your Tyres

The point of rotating your tyres is to minimise wear of your tyres and to ensure that tyres wear at an equal level. Your front tyres wear more quickly than your rear tyres in a front wheel car and a car with an independent rear suspension may find that the rear tyres wear more quickly.
This service helps your tyres to last longer and this test will often also include a test of your brakes and related components. It is recommended that your tyres are rotated every 5,000 to 7,500 miles.

Transmission Flush

Your transmission fluid will lose its lubricating qualities over time and it may even become contaminated. It is recommended that your change your transmission fluid every 30,000 to 60,000 miles There are two common ways of changing your transmission fluid, a transmission flush service or a drain and refill flush. For the best standard of transmission flush in Huddersfield, be sure to contact Five Star Autocentre.

Power Steering Flush

While not every car needs this, it relates to the hydraulic power steering assist mechanism, something which is not featured in modern cars, it is a service that is listed in the standard maintenance schedule. If your current power steering fluid is dirty, you’ll find that replacing the fluid can prolong the lifespan of the power steering components. When you take on board the cost of replacing the power steering components of your car, this is a sensible step to take.


A tune-up may not sound like a lot but it provides a great deal of benefits and includes a lot of features. A tune-up provides an oil change, it sees spark plugs being replaced, it includes the engine air filter, it may include the fuel filter and it will likely include a few other tests relating to the maintenance and mileage requirements of your car. If you find that your engine isn’t running as smoothly as it did before, a tune-up is a great test for your vehicle.

Timing belt replacement

If your time-belt breaks, your car stops working so it makes sense to have this tested on a regular basis. The recommended time to replace your time-belt varies, and it may be that you should have it replaced anywhere between 60,000 miles and 105,000 miles.

New struts or shock absorbers

Your shock absorbers have a big role to play in the suspension of your vehicle, which means it helps to keep your car in good condition. If you drive on uneven or difficult surfaces, your shock absorbers will be in regular use. There is no recommended mileage for these absorbers to be tested or replaced but it is recommended that you have them tested on a regular basis.

A New Oxygen Sensor

While the oxygen sensor is not tested as part of the standard maintenance package, it is a vital component with respect to the vehicle fuel injection and the emission control systems of your car. It should only be replaced if it no longer works but the more miles your car clocks up, the more likely it will be that the oxygen sensor will fail or deteriorate in quality of service.

Wheel Alignment

The angles of your wheel change over time due to impact and contact, and poorly aligned wheels will impact on your cars handling.  Also, poorly aligned wheels will also impact on your suspension and tyres, wearing out a faster rate. This is why having your wheels checked and realigned if needs be on a regular basis is a sensible option, as this will save you money and hassle in the long-term.

Wheel Balancing

If you suspect that one of your wheels is vibrating, it is recommended that you have your wheels balanced, which is undertaken on specialist equipment. The vibration is more noticeable when driving at faster speeds, usually on the motorway, and it can be unsettling for any motorist.

Oil Change

There is a growing use of synthetic oil for oil changes as opposed to conventional oil. This change has helped to improve the fuel economy of a vehicle and has also helped to lengthen the amount of time expected or required between oil changes. This is a more expensive solution than conventional oil changes but it does help to save money in the long term.

When it comes to having your car serviced to the best level, there is a great deal to be said for calling on professional support and assistance. If you are based in or around Huddersfield, Five Star Autocentre is the local garage to call on. No matter the age, make or model of your vehicle, Five Star Autocentre is the Huddersfield garage who will provide the best standard of service for your car.
If you want to maintain the condition of your vehicle and minimise the risk, and cost, of something going wrong, be sure to call on the best local garage in Huddersfield, Five Star Autocentre.

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