When Should A Cabin Filter Be Replaced?

Car cabin filter replacement in Huddersfield

When Should A Cabin Filter Be Replaced?

There are so many different components and elements that play a part in keeping your car on the road that you can forgive many motorists for not knowing what everything is. Most motorists know about their engine air filter and the importance of keeping it clean but what about the cabin air filter? First of all, many motorists will not know about the cabin air filter and the role it has to play in improving the driving experience.

It is fair to say that the cabin air filter has no impact on the driving performance of your car, bit this doesn’t mean that you should overlook or dismiss what it does. When the cabin filter is blocked, it prevents airflow in the car and it can also lead to unpleasant smells developing in the vehicle. You and your passengers will be exposed to dirt and bacteria that is being passed through the filter and in some cases; this can heal to allergic reactions or people feeling unwell.

Keep you and your passengers healthy by testing your cabin filter

This is an important thing to be aware of but if you have kids that regularly travel in your car, you should be looking to keep the air as clean and as fresh as possible. You wouldn’t be comfortable allowing dirty air to circulate at home impacting on the health of your loved ones, and you shouldn’t be comfortable with its presence in your vehicle either.

When it comes to replacing a cabin filter, there is some variety in recommendations for replacing the cabin filter. Some recommendations are based around 15,000 to 30,000 miles while some manufacturers recommend drivers replacing their cabin filter every 12 to 18 months. If you drive on dusty roads or your drive on roads where the cabin filter will be placed under greater pressure, you may be advised to replace your cabin filter on a more regular basis but on the whole, a year and a half is the maximum length of time you should go without having your cabin filter tested.

Let the experts deal with your cabin filter

Depending on the make and model of your car, the length of time and difficulty associated with replacing the cabin filter can differ greatly. There are some car types who have a cabin filter that can be replaced in minutes but some car types, like Mazda and Nissan vehicles, where there is a great deal of difficulty in replacing the cabin filter.


This is why it is best to leave the testing and replacing of your cabin filter to the experts and if you are in or around the Huddersfield are, you should call on Five Star Autocentre. We have considerable experience in testing and replacing a wide range of cabin filters, and this means that whatever style of car you have, we will be able to replace it in no time at all. For peace of mind and a healthy car, come to five Star Autocentre.

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