When Should A Car Battery Be Replaced?

Car battery repair and replacement in Huddersfield

When Should A Car Battery Be Replaced?

Given that your car battery powers every single electrical component in your vehicle, it is important to know when to replace your battery. The thing is, most people don’t know the average time a battery lasts for or what to look out for to determine if it is failing or not. There are different factors that influence the lifespan of a battery, so you can’t say for certain how long one will last, but the average lifespan of a car battery is between 5 and 7 years.

If your car is parked for long periods of time without the battery being started, it will lose charge sooner. Keeping your battery fully charged will help retain its lifespan but overcharging your battery can cause problems. This means that issues with the charging system can also impact on the lifespan of your battery.

There aren’t really any tell-tale signs to indicate your battery is failing but if you find that your battery holds a low or lower level of capacity, it is likely to be an indicator that the battery is failing. If your engine is turning over at a slower rate than before, you’ll find that the battery may be failing. Aspects like interior lights flickering and being dimmer than usual when you turn your engine are also factors that may indicate your battery needs replaced.

In order to be confident about the condition of your battery, it makes sense to have it tested by the professionals. If you are looking for the most reliable standard of battery testing in Huddersfield, you’ll find that Five Star Autocentre is the garage to trust. This centre has a skilled and experienced team who will ensure your battery is fully tested and if it needs to be replaced, they can do so quickly.

Let the experts with specialist equipment examine and replace your batteries

Car batteries are extremely heavy, and it is best to call on the professionals to install your new battery. The battery itself isn’t that expensive and for the best value for money car battery in Huddersfield, be sure to call on the services of Five Star Autocentre. There is also a danger of electrolyte spilling from your old battery. Given that is a very acidic substance which could harm your skin or clothes, you’ll find it is best to leave the removal and replacement of your car battery to the professionals who have access to specialist equipment.


One of the best things about a car battery is that it is a maintenance free component of your vehicle. As long as your car battery is properly installed, you can look forward to a good run of service for a number of years. It doesn’t hurt to have your battery checked every so often, there may be issues with corrosion of the terminals but on the whole, your battery should remain in good condition if it is effectively installed. To be confident about your car battery, call on Five Star Autocentre, the leading mechanics in Huddersfield.

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