When Should I Change The Timing Chain?

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When Should I Change The Timing Chain?

Most motorists are aware of the timing belt in their vehicle but do you know what the timing chain is and what impact it has on your car? While the timing belt sits and operates outside of the engine of the car, the timing chain is found within the car engine. A timing chain is constructed of metal and it bears a striking resemblance to a bike chain. As the timing chain is located inside the engine, it has to be lubricated by the engine’s oil.  The recommended period for the timing chain to be replaced is between 40,000 miles and 100,000 miles.

A timing chain is subject to wear and tear and aspects like a lack of oil, poor quality oil or the oil in the engine not being changed can all impact on the condition of the timing chain. You will find that the timing chain is starting to wear when your engine has troubles starting and feels sluggish and appears to be low on power.

A stretched timing chain will cause problems

As the timing chain wears out, it becomes stretched and the valve timing and ignition become delayed. You may also experience a range of strange noises coming from your engine when the timing chain is no longer in good condition. Motorists have complained of rattling, buzzing, whining and whirring sounds due to their timing chain being in poor condition.

Depending on the make and model of your car, the cost of replacing the timing chain can differ significantly and it is vital that you select the right timing chain for your car. It can be difficult to change the timing chain, particularly with no experience or the proper equipment and this is why it is best to leave any timing chain changes to the professionals. If you are in or close to Huddersfield, you will find that Five Star Autocentre is the garage to call on. This is a firm with considerable experience when it comes to examining, testing and replacing timing chains, so make sure that you call on the experts if you want your timing chain to be in good condition.
If you are looking to maintain the condition of your timing chain, you’ll find that caring for your engine and changing your engine oil on a regular basis will positively impact on the quality of your timing chain. You should also look to use good quality engine oil and make sure that the oil filters of your car are kept in good condition. Maintaining the recommended oil levels in your car will ensure the timing chain remains lubricated and if you keep your chain in good condition, it can last for 300,000 miles or more.


Any driver that is looking for professional support and guidance when it comes to caring for their car will find that trusting Five Star Autocentre makes sense. To receive the best standard of service in Huddersfield, call on the best garage in the local area..

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