When Should Shock Absorbers Be Replaced?

Shock Absorber replacement in Huddersfield

When Should Shock Absorbers Be Replaced?

Given the number of bumps on the road, potholes and poor road surfaces, it is no surprise to learn that your car can take a bettering from time to time. The ole of shock absorbers is to take the stress and strain of these difficult conditions and provide you with a smooth ride. Shock absorbers are generally found at the back of a car and some cars and SUVs have struts located in the front suspension.

One good point about shock absorbers and struts is that they don’t require any maintenance. This means that you don’t need to spend any time thinking or worrying about them but you should ensure that they are tested on a regular basis. You’ll find that these only need to be replaced when there is a problem and the most common problem with shock absorbers is leaking.

Shock absorbers and struts have oil in them and if this oil is leaking, your absorbers or struts need to be replaced. This is because if there is not a sufficient level of oil in these components, they will not work as they are supposed to. Just because there is no visible leak doesn’t mean that there is no issue with these components but if you do spot a leak, you should take your car to a local garage as quickly as possible. If you are based in Huddersfield, you’ll find that Five Star Autocentre is the leading local garage for a wide range of services, including struts and shock absorbers.

The bounce test will provide you with guidance on the condition of your shock absorbers

There are not too many symptoms of a shock absorber that is in poor condition but if you find that your car bounces when going over bumps or you experience knocking, you should take your car in for a test. You’ll also find that if your car swings up and down, akin to the movement of a boat, your absorbers need tested. A common test of these components is the “bounce test”. This sees a corner of your car being pushed down and then released quickly. A corner with good quality absorbers will rebound in a slow manner and will not bounce more than two times. A corner with poor quality absorbers will bounce quickly and repeatedly. If you worried about the condition of your absorbers, this is a quick test you can carry out before taking it to your local garage.

If you have been involved in an accident, have struck a pothole or a kerb, you may find that your strut has been affected. This may not cause any visible problems but this can be detected by carrying out a wheel alignment, another service on offer at Five Star Autocentre.

This is a service that requires specialist equipment and it is best to leave it to professionals. This is a service that Five Star Autocentre has considerable experience in dealing with and if you are located in or close to Huddersfield, this is the garage you should call on for shock absorber tests.

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