When To Replace Stabiliser Bar Links

When to replace stabiliser bar links

When To Replace Stabiliser Bar Links

As the name suggests, the stabiliser bar stops the car from leaning too much in one direction and ensures the car stays stable when turning. The majority of cars have a stabiliser bar at the front of the vehicle and then a separate one in the rear but there are some cars which only have one. Many sports cars have thicker stabiliser bars, which offer a greater level of stability when cornering.
The stabiliser bar is connected to the frame or body of the car by rubber bushings and the ends of the bar are linked to the aspect of the vehicle suspension which connects to the wheel. Through use, the ball joints of the bar can become worn out and this can cause problems for motorists.

Listen out for a knocking sound to indicate problems with your stabiliser bar

Quite often the first indicator that there is an issue when it comes to the stabiliser bar comes with the driver hearing a knocking or clunking sound when the car drives over a bump on the road. When a worn out stabiliser bar is pushed up or down it will create a knocking sound. The danger associated with a worn out stabiliser can lead to a car feeling less secure or stable on the road or it can lead to a car turning excessively. In order to stay safe while driving, a worn stabiliser bar should be replaced as quickly as possible.

Only replace a stabiliser bar when it needs replaced

If a vehicle has two stabiliser bars, there is no need to replace them both at the same time if only one is worn out. Only the worn stabiliser bar should be replaced. Given that old or worn stabiliser bars can often be difficult to replace without damaging the rest of the vehicle, it makes sense to call on the support of professionals. At Five Star Autocentre, we have considerable experience when it comes to examining and replacing stabiliser bars, so if you have any concerns about this feature of your vehicle, please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help.

We aim to provide the best standard of service in Huddersfield and we know that our work on stabiliser bars helps people to remain safe when driving. This is a vital servicing job but it isn’t that expensive and our experience will ensure that we can carry out the job in a short a time as possible. Depending on the condition of the stabiliser bars, it may take some effort to safely remove them but we have experience and the best standard of tools in Huddersfield, so if you need effective support, come to Five Star Autocentre.

The stabiliser bar is not included in the standard service packages or plans but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have concerns over it. This is an area of your car that can cause problems if left to worse, so for the best support, contact Five Star Autocentre in Huddersfield.

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